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MMP Third Birthday Discount Madness!


We don’t like to make a big deal of these things, but yes. Yes, we’re three years old. If we could pinpoint the actual birthday of something as nebulous as a micro-press, than by Daoloth we would. But we can’t. We just know (addled as we are by weird smut and gonzo horror and, oh, cosmic rays, probably) that we had our start around this time of the year. Hence, our annual anthology release (this year it’s RESONATOR: New Lovecraftian Tales From Beyond — say, whaddaya waiting for? Click the link! Go get it!) and of course, a quaking raft of ridiculous discounts on ebooks through the Great Satan, Amazon! So, without further delay, here’s what you, the intrepid Migraineer, can get from us in our insane state of being, and when!

blackstone_PRIESTESS_313pxFirst up… Justine Geoffrey’s collected Blackstone Erotica series: PRIESTESS
Reduced from it’s regular 5.99 to 1.99 from Thursday the 12th to Friday the 13th
This is pure Cthulhu Mythos-inspired smut with shout-outs to Robert E Howard and other great Weird Fictioneers! This collection received glowing praise this year from Bobby Derie in his seminal examination of All Things Lusty and Lovecraftian, Sex and the Cthulhu Mythos. If for some bizarre reason you haven’t checked out Blackstone, here’s your best chance for a while. Click the cover or title to go straight to Amazon for purchase!

soft_from_all_the_blood_313pxSOFT FROM ALL THE BLOOD
from Saturday the 14th to Sunday the 15th
The debut collection from Scott R Jones, editor of RESONATOR and author of When The Stars Are Right: Towards An Authentic R’lyehian Spirituality. Seven tales of surreal terror “… to engage you, upset you, unsettle you. Cage-rattling horror … crawls under your skin, and lays eggs.” Who doesn’t like eggs laid under the skin by a good book!? No, seriously. Who doesn’t enjoy that. Click the cover or title to go straight to Amazon for purchase!

rlyehsutra_313pxFREE POETRY SPECIALS!
skawt chonzz’s R’LYEH SUTRA and the thoroughly trippy ANTHROPOCALYPSE NOW! by West Coast weirdo wunderkinder, 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac
FREE from Monday the 16th to Tuesday the 17th. So much could be said here, but these ebooks are FREE so we’ll let them speak for themselves! Click on the covers or titles to go straight to Amazon for purchase!

Justine Geoffrey’s gonzo sci-fi sextravaganza
Reduced from it’s regular 3.99 to 0.99
from Wednesday the 18th to Thursday the 19th
“Low-brow, squelching fun. You don’t grab a book like this on literary merit, you dive headfirst into unapologetic escapism. It is unrepentant camp without resorting to self-satire (which shows admirable restraint). There’s a lot informing this – Lovecraftian subtext and J-Pop tentacle hentai, even French New Wave surrealism a la Moebius and the Métal Hurlant crowd, Laloux’s La Planète sauvage – Like Ray Bradbury Theater rerun gone horribly, horribly wrong. It is a fever-dream of adolescent-imprinting and sexual development during the era of underground VHS cult. Deviant, imaginative, grotesque and what-the-hell-else-were-you-expecting-exactly-with-this-title. The name promises, the text delivers.” Click the cover or title to go straight to Amazon for purchase!

WTSAR_313pxWHEN THE STARS ARE RIGHT: Towards An Authentic R’lyehian Spirituality
from Friday the 20th to Saturday the 21st.
What can be said about our most controversial title of 2014? Leeman Kessler of Ask Lovecraft called it a crime scene. Laird Barron stated that author Scott R Jones gives Thomas Ligotti a run for his money in the Cosmic Horror Philosophy arms race. And S. T. Joshi hisself was seen to squirm uncomfortably when the book was mentioned during a convention panel he was sitting on. Yes, it’s that good. Are you #KeepingItRlyeh? A #Cthulhusattva without even knowing it?! Only one way to find out! Click the cover or title to go straight to Amazon for purchase!

And we’ll bring our discount bacchanal to a fitting close with last years popular anthology… CONQUEROR WOMB: Lusty Tales of Shub-Niggurath!
from Sunday the 22nd to Sunday the 23rd.
This is the Adults Only Lovecraftian Erotica Anthology you deserve! 18 pulpy tales of fertility and fear, hot sex and chilling sacrifice! Stories that squelch, tales that both titillate and terrify, from some of the best writers working in Lovecraftian horror and mind-bending erotica today: Wilum H. Pugmire, Molly Tanzer, Don Webb, Christine Morgan, Kenton Hall, Brian M. Sammons, Jacqueline Sweet, Copper Sloane Levy, Annabeth Leong, and Christopher Slatsky, along with fresh new voices. It’s SPRING, goddamnit! Time for all you Dark Young to get it on in the Grove with Shubby! Click the cover or title to go straight to Amazon for purchase!


Martian Migraine Press: the Best Kind of Headache … for Three Years Running!

Here’s to Three More Years. And Three after that. 333… that’s the Number of Choronzon, right? Sure, why not. That’s reasonable…

Smut and Spirituality for Spring!


A double-header Newscluster for you this morning, Migraineers! Some smut and spirituality to start off your Spring!

CONQUEROR WOMB goes FREE on Kindle for a Limited Time

First off: the Spring has sprung! the grass is riz! And if you’re wondering where the Black Goat of the Woods is, well babies, She is over in the Amazon Kindle store where she’s been since we put her there, gathering followers and great reviews. And in celebration of the Vernal Equinox, she’s making herself all free and easy for your reading pleasure and beyond! That’s right. CONQUEROR WOMB: Lusty Tales of Shub-Niggurath is going on a bit of a gratis orgy. Pick up your Kindle edition of CW (with stories by Wilum Pugmire, Molly Tanzer, Christopher Slatsky, Kenton Hall, Christine Morgan, Jacqueline Sweet, Brian M Sammons, and others) FREE TODAY THROUGH SUNDAY MARCH 23rd.

Oh, and a quick note about the cover to CW… you may recall our censorship troubles with the Big A regarding the awesome cover art by Scottish comics wunderkind Garry Mac (“Too many nursing titties!” they said. “Nine is too many!” they whined.) Well, we’ve managed a work-around on that, too: you get the un-censored cover graphic in the body of the text now. Everybody happy! (We hope.)

And don’t forget to send your Amazon email receipt to to get your Conqueror Womb bonus e-book, DARK/YOUNG, with a story each by editor Justine Geoffrey (BLACKSTONE Erotica) and author Jess Gulbranson (Antipaladin Blues)


The pre-order period for getting your early paperback copy of Scott R Jones’ game-changing book, When The Stars Are Right: Towards An Authentic R’lyehian Spirituality, is now over. Which means we’re launching the Damned Thing into the world officially. You can order your physical copy or your EPUB and PDF e-versions HERE, or, if you want to start digesting Jones’ dark wisdom immediately on your Kindle or Kindle-enabled device, you can head on over to the Kindle store HERE to have it delivered via Amazon’s WhisperNet in literally seconds.

We’re hoping you’ll want to talk about When The Stars Are Right once you’ve been infecte–… we mean, once you’ve enjoyed the book, so, a reminder about hashtags for the social media: we’re trying to get #KeepinItRlyeh (or, alternatively, #KeepingItRlyeh with a G in there, for you grammar Nazis), #Cthulhusattva, and #BlackGnosis trending. Use those while gibbering about your reading experience on Facebook or Twitter, or when dropping some review-action on the book, and we’ll notice! We are all about noticing things like that.

Martian Migraine Press: The Best Kind of Headache

MMP Halloween Special! Free Kindle Books: All Treats, No Tricks!


Years ago, our author S R Jones used to run a weekly ‘Weird Tales’-style spoken word radio show, appropriately titled “Weird Tales”. Original. Anyway… he tells us that, with spooky stuff being sent out on the airwaves all year, Halloween always had an anti-climactic feel, so much so that he’d switch up genres and do an all-romance or documentary show when the dread night came round. We won’t be doing that for our Halloween special, but man, we know how he felt… because all (OK, most) of our titles are spooky.

Spooky… and FREE! (Which is the best kind of spooky.) The following four MMP titles will be free for your Kindle from SUNDAY OCTOBER 28 through to THURSDAY NOVEMBER 1. Face it: y’all knew this was coming from us. How could we not do a Halloween special promo? Clicking on the covers below will take you directly to the books on their respective Amazon pages. Knock yourselves out, boys and ghouls! There’s something for everyone: surreal poetry, magic(k)al illustrations, literary horror and of course, the monstrous erotica of Justine G’s BLACKSTONE series. Download ’em, consume ’em like the sweet, sickening, sweet candy they are, and when you’re done (and groaning with the pleasure of a good haul) pop on back to their pages and leave our authors some appreciative reviews! Thanks. And have a happy Halloween!

Martian Migraine Press: the Best Kind of Headache
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