R’lyeh Sutra

R'lyeh Sutra“… I loved this charming little chapbook… lovely poetic prose, all quite Lovecraftian… delightful! I recommend it.” — W H Pugmire, author of The Strange Dark One and The Fungal Stain

Originally limited to a run of 50 chapbooks from Martian Migraine Press, this collection of the poetry, prose and artwork of reclusive West Coast writer and spoken word artist skawt chonzz is now available as an electronic chapbook.

Recalling Spicer and Burroughs, these are poems that explore the shifting, fractal edge of madness, that question the nature of identity, consciousness and language, and do it all with wry humour spliced with a species of alien sexuality.

As the title implies, there is an obviously Lovecraftian occult inspiration to the work: in fact, the original, physical run of the book contained, in the form of an insert, a portion of a large hand-written document received in a brutal channeling session from an ultra-terrestrial entity, which chonzz experienced in the spring of 2011. Each copy is therefore utterly unique, a facet of a whole that perhaps should never be viewed in its entirety, and likely never will. This electronic edition seeks to replicate that reading experience with hidden links to previously unreleased segments of that occult document. $1.99

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  • #1 written by Blair Cordero 3 years ago

    Ahoy from Necronomicon-Mystery-School! Can you PLEASE re-issue the ‘R’LYEH SUTRA’ as a limited-print Chapbook, please?? i have ‘WHEN THE STARS ARE RIGHT’, That is 1 of mY aLL-time FAVE Books. Maester Scott R. Jones, i implore you to re-issue yr ‘R’LYEH SUTRA’. Or hook yr ersatz-Homie-up with 1 of the remaining Copies? Also, i would beseech you, humbly, that you pen a new Necronomicon. Make It like a sequel to ‘WTSAR’. You don’t even need to call it “NECRONOMICON”. i’LL know It when i sEE It; & i don’t think ‘CTHULHUSATTVA’ is It. (But i’LL attempt to purchase It the same anyways: soon.) KEEP IT R’LYEH OK??

    • #2 written by the Face 3 years ago

      We’ll do what we can on the Sutra front!

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