Justine Geoffrey

Justine GeoffreyJustine Geoffrey (author of our BLACKSTONE Erotica Series, ORGY IN THE VALLEY OF THE LUST LARVAE and Seawater & Stars: The Last Novel of Gideon Stargrave) is like nothing you can easily imagine. A world traveler, lecturer, and connoisseur of dark arts (literary, sorcerous, and sexual), she is becoming something more than human. Don’t try to stop her; it’s not recommended. (Trust us on this one.)

Justine stopped identifying as anything other than an omni-sexual being years ago, so unless you’re turned on by “the regular stuff” and glasses of water, atomic storms, hot pics of barely legal teen dust mites, etc don’t even bother. Geoffrey is a practicing Chaos Magician and holds BAs in English Literature, Sociology, Anthropology, and Esoteric Studies from Miskatonic University. She divides her time between London, Los Angeles and Asheville NC.

She’d probably eat you alive, mantis-style, if you met her in person (something you might even enjoy) so, just to be safe, you can write to her instead at justineg@martianmigrainepress.com Or follow her on Twitter @BLACKSTONErotic