skawt chonzz

skawt chonzzOn his homeworld of Pluto, skawt chonzz is a crime lord, which is why he’s here on Earth, living under a witness protection program. “That’s a poor translation of my role in Plutonian society,” he protests. “It’s far more complex, having to do with phase boundary limits and n-dimensional … y’know what? Never mind. I’m a crime lord. Apparently, the closest thing here to what I am there is: poet. Whatever that means.”

While not reminiscing about summers on Pluto (“the temperature rises, just a little, and the super-conductive algae fields glow in the starlight…”) skawt writes and occasionally performs his otherworldly poetry for select audiences. He cites as Earthly inspiration the work of Jack Spicer (“… as Spicer lay dying, he said “my vocabulary did this to me”), the Red Night Trilogy of Burroughs, and “all the italicized bits from Lovecraft. Only the italicized bits.”

skawt is a practicing Gnostic Chaoist and a functioning naturalized sorcerer. He was a member of the 2009 Victoria Slam Team and the Artistic Director for that city’s guerrilla spoken word collective Tongues of Fire for two years. A habitual recluse, this was an unusual time for the Plutonian sorcerer-poet, in which he also produced a 120th Birthday Celebration & Cthulhu-riffic Cabaret in honour of H P Lovecraft; a horror-themed slam performance series; and two chapbooks, Dagon’s Teeth and R’lyeh Sutra (both out of print).

This flurry of activity has, at time of this writing, abated; skawt is now in seclusion and working on other projects. If your consciousness absolutely insists on intruding upon his, then this is the address to which you should direct your meddlings:

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.