Years ago, our author S R Jones used to run a weekly ‘Weird Tales’-style spoken word radio show, appropriately titled “Weird Tales”. Original. Anyway… he tells us that, with spooky stuff being sent out on the airwaves all year, Halloween always had an anti-climactic feel, so much so that he’d switch up genres and do an all-romance or documentary show when the dread night came round. We won’t be doing that for our Halloween special, but man, we know how he felt… because all (OK, most) of our titles are spooky.

Spooky… and FREE! (Which is the best kind of spooky.) The following four MMP titles will be free for your Kindle from SUNDAY OCTOBER 28 through to THURSDAY NOVEMBER 1. Face it: y’all knew this was coming from us. How could we not do a Halloween special promo? Clicking on the covers below will take you directly to the books on their respective Amazon pages. Knock yourselves out, boys and ghouls! There’s something for everyone: surreal poetry, magic(k)al illustrations, literary horror and of course, the monstrous erotica of Justine G’s BLACKSTONE series. Download ’em, consume ’em like the sweet, sickening, sweet candy they are, and when you’re done (and groaning with the pleasure of a good haul) pop on back to their pages and leave our authors some appreciative reviews! Thanks. And have a happy Halloween!

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