Seawater and Stars: The Last Novel of Gideon Stargrave

from Grant Morrison’s AND WE’RE ALL POLICEMEN (Vertigo Winter’s Edge Annual 1998)…

* * * * *

“I want L.A. porn. I want the nerdiest guy in school transformed by a gifted surgeon’s knife into a beautiful, sexy girl and exhibited as a living erotic sculpture at Dionysian ceremonies of heathen bondage. That kind of look.”

Thus runs the promo copy on Stargrave’s latest, most frustrating sex novel; the alluring and racy cover conceals a dry marine-engineering text with buzzwords like ‘crawlspace’ and ‘Stephanie’s first date’ sprinkled throughout to help maintain the erections of the surprisingly substantial audience for brainy-geek-to-hot-slut gender pretender stories.

* * * * *

And here it is, straight from the morally bankrupt and twisted authorial entities of the Martian Migraine Press stable! A virtual collaboration with the twice-removed “fiction suit” of Scottish comics and multi-media genius Grant Morrison! We present for your delectation, combustion and all-round delight/confusion, the last novel of Gideon Stargrave, lifted directly out of the 2D universe! (That’s Universe A, four-color inky version, for those keeping score…)

SEAWATER & STARS by Justine G (author of the BLACKSTONE Erotica series and ORGY IN THE VALLEY OF THE LUST LARVAE) with “Gideon Stargrave” and S R Jones (author of the horror collection Soft From All The Blood and The Ecdysiasts) will titillate, obfuscate, and generally horripilate the discerning reader. $0.99

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