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A clarification on Conqueror Womb submissions


Hello weird-fictioneers. Justine here. I’m editing this erotic-horror anthology for Martian Migraine Press and I’m happy to report that the slush pile is starting to grow. We’ve already purchased one obvious stand-out tale and are beginning to review others.

What I’m not happy to report is this: we are seeing stories (mercifully short ones, but still) that feature sexual contact and abuse of underage individuals. And we are so not interested in reading this stuff, let alone putting it into print, electronic or otherwise. It really does go without saying: consider me displeased that I have to say it. I mean, wow. Come on, people. Do not make me get out the big editrix stick. So, just to be stone-cold absolutely clear on this issue, here I am laying it out in bold and centering it on the page and everything…

N O   K I D S

And while I am on the subject of things I would rather not see, please ensure that there is at least some reference to the theme of the anthology in your submission! Shub-Niggurath, fertility, fecundity: all that primeval Great Old Ones jazz. Not so much with the sexy vampires, so please leave them in their coffins where, IMHO, they belong.

You can find all the details for submitting your weird-erotica story to THE CONQUEROR WOMB: Lusty Tales of Shub-Niggurath on the Martian Migraine Press SUBMISSIONS page. Thank you!

Justine xox

Nothing But Fun in the No-No Zone — Shon Richard’s “The Dark Lords of the Earth”


If there’s a trick at all to writing weird smut, it’s finding that balance between the background tang of strangeness (that sharp, shocking flavour that is essential to the good stuff) and the sex itself. That, and of course maintaining a consistent voice throughout the piece that brings the two (seemingly at odds) elements together. It’s a tough trick to pull off: you want the Strange and the Sexy to mesh, to actually merge. Not to put too fine a point on things, but you want them to fuck, and fuck well. This does not happen with the rote paranormal (“you can’t spell paranormal without normal!”) erotica; often the weirdness is merely set dressing.

A tough trick to pull off. Unless you’re Shon Richards. (Note: I am so glad to have discovered Shon Richards!)

The Dark Lords of the Earth is a lot of things, and I like all of them! It’s supremely weird, for starters: Richards has taken as his subject the DERO of Richard Shaver, a completely crank pseudo alien abduction conspiracy theory I hadn’t even heard of until reading this book (and I know my crank, ladies and entities!) involving little hairy men from beneath the hills. Little horny men, in vast subterranean caverns crammed with bizarre sex-machinery and super-powered fuck-batteries. They’re abductors, stealing people from the surface: drugs, hypnosis, weird chakra-tweaking technology.

That’s the weirdness. The ditzy narrator of The Dark Lords of the Earth is “Leanne”: she provides both the sex and the voice and what a voice! An ultra-conservative right wing “good Christian woman” who, along with her two gal pals, is abducted by the Deros while on a girls-only camping trip. Her narrative voice is not only hilarious in its naiveté, it’s incredibly fun and utterly consistent. Not once does this woman break character! I kept waiting for her to eventually crack and start referring to her anatomy by more commonplace porn-y terms but nope! It’s her “no-no zone” all the way! The more times she dropped this term, the funnier it got, and it reminded me in a lot of ways of old William Lazenby’s Victorian heroines in The Pearl: so stuck in their social and mental constrictions that even as their sexual vistas are being stretched beyond sense, their language remains prudish. It creates this remarkable tension which is highly amusing but also hot.

Leanne finds that the suppressed memories of her abduction by the underground men rise to the surface of her consciousness when she engages in the same sexual acts that she performed while under their influence, and this quest to learn the truth of her experience is what drives the plot. Richards has a deft hand with this material, nicely playing off Leanne’s present playtimes against the flashbacks she experiences during the sex. As a result, the reader gets a brilliant kind of double-exposure effect. It truly is twice the bang for your buck!

Leanne’s supporting characters (her dopey husband, her secretly promiscuous chubby church-lady friend, her neighbour’s horndog college-age son) are all clearly less naive than Leanne, and it’s definitely delicious watching the interplay between the sweet-but-seeking Leanne and her disingenuous partners. Is she being taken advantage of? Kind of, but then again, she’s also using them to plumb dark secrets about herself and the Deros to advance herself beyond the strictures of her own life. But if I say anymore, I’ll ruin the ending!

Shon Richards has been doing this stuff a lot longer than me, and I am only just getting into his books, but if The Dark Lords of the Earth is any indicator, I’m going to be having a great time going through the catalogue!

I was going to post this review to the Amazon page for the book, but what with all the censorship crap that is happening over there these days (and on the Kobo and B&N shelves, too — lock it down, publishing behemoths! “Good Christian women” aren’t your only customers!) I’ve decided to just keep my thoughts here for now (once things have calmed down over there, I’ll post it on Amazon) and instead give you links a-plenty below. Go get The Dark Lords of the Earth if you want a fun, kinky, strange time! (Don’t be fooled by the nature scene on the cover, either… that’s some clever smokescreening on Shon’s part to baffle the censors.)

Buy it direct from Shon’s website > http://shonrichards.com/buy-my-e-books

Buy it from Amazon

Enjoy A Sneak Peak at Blackstone Book 3! (NSFW)


Hey perverts! Justine G here. The MMP docents have allowed me this divine moment of bandwidth to present to you the Prologue to the next Blackstone Erotica outing, continuing my sordid tale of sex and sorcery. Book 3 will be titled YELLOW SIGN BOUND and it’s full of crazed artists, possessed investigators, cursed daggers and of course, more weird couplings (triplings? grouplings?) than you can reasonably process.

Anyway, I know it’s been a while since Summonings: Yvette’s Interview and even longer since GREEN FEVER DREAM wrapped up, so I hope this tides Blackstone readers over until Book 3 comes out, which should be by September at the latest. Promise.

It all starts below the break! Thanks for all the strange love and great reviews!


Justine xox

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