MMP Giant-Sized ANNUAL 2012

To celebrate our first anniversary as Canada’s weirdest, most niche-market micro-micro e-press, Martian Migraine Press is pleased to present our first GIANT-SIZED ANNUAL, featuring fiction, poetry, and movie and book reviews from our own stable of thoroughly transgressive and intensely interesting authors and a few of their friends besides!

from ‘Soft From All The Blood’ author S R Jones comes a decadent tale of demonic inheritance: CORONATION

from Justine G’s BLACKSTONE Erotica series, witness the trials and ecstatic tribulations of a teen witch and her *very* helpful sibling as they call forth an ancient deity! SUMMONINGS: ANICKA & KAMIL (a note to readers who are perhaps unfamiliar with Justine G’s work… this tale is definitely NSFW)

from ‘friend of the show’ Kenton Hall, a lively bit of wry barnyard satire entitled THE NANNY STATE

from the Martian Migraine Press DesignDroid5000 (Unit 9B), a complete gallery of all 2012 MMP Book Covers

from Ghost of the Highway and Dope Boy shayne avec i grec, a selection of his sometimes scandalous, always uplifting, never boring poetry.

from reclusive West Coast poet and Plutonian crime lord skawt chonzz, two of the more meditative pieces from his out-of-print occult chapbook R’LYEH SUTRA

and finally a selection of previously published MMP book and movie reviews for the year, from Cabin In The Woods to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus and Beyond The Black Rainbow, each reflecting our authors unique takes on the weird as it makes its incursions into the popular culture

A 25,000 word feast of the strange and stirring, the imaginative and impudent! $0.99

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