The Ecdysiasts

The EcdysiastsMartian Migraine Press is pleased to present THE ECDYSIASTS: a new collection of literary short fiction from S R Jones, author of Soft From All The Blood.

With THE ECDYSIASTS, Jones deftly explores the fragile bonds between Man & Woman; Man & Booze; Woman & Dissolving Metafictional Universe; Man & Truth; Woman & Lobster; Man, High-Grade Psychedelics & Secret Tape Recorder; and Woman & Man. There may be a Wizard in there, too. By turns comedic, dour, surreal, and disturbing, this collection of short fiction, short-short fiction, and flash-snap fiction will appeal to anyone who is thinking (at this very moment, even!) “you know what I could go for? Some quick-witted fiction that is quickly consumed and also possessed of a certain witty quality.”

To that hypothetical Sir or Madam, we say without hesitation: “THE ECDYSIASTS by S R Jones was written for YOU.” $1.99

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