Hey perverts! Justine G here. The MMP docents have allowed me this divine moment of bandwidth to present to you the Prologue to the next Blackstone Erotica outing, continuing my sordid tale of sex and sorcery. Book 3 will be titled YELLOW SIGN BOUND and it’s full of crazed artists, possessed investigators, cursed daggers and of course, more weird couplings (triplings? grouplings?) than you can reasonably process.

Anyway, I know it’s been a while since Summonings: Yvette’s Interview and even longer since GREEN FEVER DREAM wrapped up, so I hope this tides Blackstone readers over until Book 3 comes out, which should be by September at the latest. Promise.

It all starts below the break! Thanks for all the strange love and great reviews!


Justine xox

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