Greetings, Migraineers! Say, have you read Scott R JonesWhen The Stars Are Right: Towards An Authentic R’lyehian Spirituality ? You have? FanTAStic. And did you, upon completing the book, think “Gosh! It sure would be swell to somehow exteriorize this feeling of #KeepingItRlyeh in such a way that others might notice my enlightened status as a #Cthulhusattva? If only the #BlackGnosis could be rendered in clothing form somehow, I would surely wear such an article upon my person!”

Well, we here at MMP can assure you that this Keeping It R’lyeh T-Shirt is not that piece of clothing. Fools! The #BlackGnosis cannot be reduced to mere breathable 100% cotton fibres impregnated with the highest quality screenprinting inks by the fine weirdos of Skurvy Ink and featuring the stellar artwork of Michael Lee Macdonald!

But it is pretty cool. That we’ll admit.

Wanna order one? Two? Nine? (They’re only $16.99USD+shipping, and Christmas is coming, after all.) Iä, iä, you do! Then click on the pic to be whisked away to the Skurvy Ink site! CONSUME!