Here at MMP HQ, we expect certain things to be said about our authors and their work. Most of those expectations fall squarely in Hell’s half-acre, though. We expect to hear words like “twisted”, “perverted”, “horrific”, and, on occasion, even “hilarious”. Those terms are par for the course.

But “I found a human connection that captured my heart”? What? And for the work of Justine G, our resident weird pornographer? Double-whaaaat?

Yup. Guess we’ll just have to get used to hearing it.

The full review from Kelley J Nightrose (author of Dream Lovers) is below, and if you’d like to comment on it, or add a review of your own, please to be following this handy link-thing

Many times a series will open with a tremendous story and everything that follows feels like the creator is trying to recapture that original glory. I’m happy to say this is not one of those occasions.
The Blackstone Erotic series started strong with Red Monolith Frenzy and the story keeps getting better. After reading Summonings and RMF I thought I knew what to expect from Green Fever Dream but the way Justine, Priestess of the Blackstone, developed as a character caught me totally off guard. I was genuinely thrilled to see this side of her that I didn’t know existed.
There’s plenty of mind blowing freaky sex. Some is quite disturbing and some is just crazy hot. Amidst the less than wholesome magically enhanced activities, insane psycho-sexual encounters with demonic creatures, and cruelty perpetrated upon beings from this world and beyond, I found a human connection that captured my heart. Way to go Justine G. I’m totally hooked.