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50 Shades of R’lyeh


We just built this 50 Shades of Grey movie poster parody, and posted it to the Martian Migraine Press Facebook page. Guessing it went to the Twitter, too. Well, dropping it here on the MMP site minutes later, just in case it blows up, meme-wise. You saw it here first. We did this, the quality weirdos at MMP. For the record. And as far as we’re able to tell, we were first. So there. #50ShadesOfRlyeh #CthulhuWillSeeYouNow #StillABetterLoveStoryThan50ShadesOfGrey


Alan Moore’s NEONOMICON Pulled from South Carolina library


Our author S R Jones recently wrote a review of Alan Moore’s NEONOMICON for the fine folks at the Lovecraft eZine. You can go read it here (and while you’re there, check out the eldritch coolness they’ve got going on!) and we’re sure you’ll agree that Jones? He wasn’t too fond of it, no, but mostly for reasons of promises unmet.

Not so these discerning readers from South Carolina. Make sure to check out the video at the bottom, folks, then come back here…

Sure, an awful book in many ways, but pulling NEONOMICON from the library? That’s just stupid. Better pull 50 Shades of Grey from the shelves while you’re at it, folks, because we’re pretty sure most kids could auto-checkout that book with ease. All it takes is a card.

Listen, we’re sorry, but there’s a reason NEONOMICON is in the graphic novels section, and not in the kiddie comic book section. And yes, there is a difference between the sections. Or at least there are up here in Canada. At our local branch of the Greater Victoria Public Library, the two different “funny book” sections are actually on opposite ends of the building! This ‘ratings system’ thing they’re contemplating is pure bunk and so on and so forth and… we just get so tired of this!

Basically? Parents: monitor the reading material your kids bring home if you’re worried about how they’ll take it. Or really (and let’s just be honest here) how you’ll take it.

We thought people knew this stuff by now.

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