Well, we’re still not entirely convinced that the whole Amazon KDP free promo weekend deal-i-oh does a title any particular good in the long run, but then again, we haven’t tried it yet with our erotica titles, have we? No. No, we haven’t.

That’s about to change.

Tomorrow, Friday August 10, through to Sunday August 12, we will be raising up for sacrifice to the reading hordes (and yes, to Mammon, if we’re being honest) the first book in Justine G’s horny horror-fest of a series, BLACKSTONE Erotica: RED MONOLITH FRENZY!

We’re kinda excited about it, actually. The recently released second book, GREEN FEVER DREAM, is doing alright, but we figure it can’t hurt to introduce readers to the book that started it all. So, here’s the link > RED MONOLITH FRENZY: Book 1 BLACKSTONE Erotica < and here’s our request of you, the loyal Martian Migraine Press consumer: this weekend, GO and GET IT. And once you’ve downloaded it, tell your friends to do the same. And then read it! Read it and then be a dear, would you? Pop some reviews on to the page once you’re done.

OK, perhaps that’s a lot of steps, but we know you’re up for it. We’d love for RED MONOLITH FRENZY to hit #1 in the Erotica listings! Do it for Justine! Do it for Lovecraft! Do it for high quality, novella-length smut!