Jordan Stratford (of recent Wollstonecraft/Kickstarter fame and the Archduke of Canadian Steampunk, no less!) had the following to say about SOFT FROM ALL THE BLOOD by MMP author S R Jones

If you’ve ever found an origami insect on the sidewalk, you’ll understand this collection right away. Because you’ll already have thought to yourself “That’s odd. What an unusual thing to come across. This is an intricate bit of craftsmanship here, and yet, why an insect? Not a swan or a box or a kite or a paper plane, but something vaguely menacing, expressed in paper, placed oddly, encountered at random. I shall leave this brief encounter more than slightly unsettled.”

I mention this because Jones has given us an origami insect in these amusing/disturbing little encounters with his short fiction, which will leave you slightly unsettled. He skillfully places you inside the brains of those who are likely more unsettled than yourself, and possibly (hopefully) even more disturbed than the author.

Some horror is meant to scare you, some to gross you out, yet Jones’ horror is meant to engage you, upset you, unsettle you. Cage-rattling horror fiction. His origami insect crawls under your skin, and lays eggs.

Read this collection at your peril.

And then he goes and gives SOFT FROM ALL THE BLOOD a 5 star review! Our experience of Dukes (arch or otherwise) is minimal, but, if they’re all this gracious and complimentary, well, we could get used to having more of them around. We also hear the Duchess is pretty amazing.

If you haven’t yet heard about the staggering crowd-sourcing success of the Wollstonecraft Project, go check it out at the link above! It’s also been featured on io9, Boing Boing, and most recently WIRED. That’s some kinda geek-trifecta right there. Stratford is one to watch!

And to get Jones’ origami eggs under your skin (a pleasurable sensation!) purchase SOFT FROM ALL THE BLOOD for your Kindle here! AmazonPrime members can download it for free!

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