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“Laugh all you want, motherf**kers.
You’re forgetting one thing. Or rather, three things.
words… “

— from Red Monolith Frenzy Book 1 of the Blackstone series by Justine G

Yes, that Triple-Word of Power sure lets our Justine get away with a lot in the Blackstone series! And she’s never hinted at the actual words, nope, not anywhere in the text, and never in our personal interactions with her either. Which, to be completely honest, we’re rather thankful for, all things considered. As primal ur-spells go, the Triple-Word is a doozy!

Yeah, whatever those dread phonemes are, she’s keeping them to herself. Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t hold a little contest for Migraineers in advance of the release of PRIESTESS (Blackstone Volume One) next FRIDAY the 13th!


Guess correctly and win a copy of PRIESTESS and one other MMP title of your choice! Hint: it’s seven syllables in total, and it’s a classic.

Get your guesses in to us by email ( OR follow us on Twitter @MartianMigraine and tweet your guess to us there OR like Martian Migraine Press on Facebook and post your answer to our wall. Justine will view all entries and select the lucky boys, girls, and assorted entities who get it right. While we try not to look on, because some things? Some things you can’t unsee.

However you do it, just do it, and do it BEFORE THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 13! Because that’s when the contest closes. All correct guesses will receive their prize just in time to start reading on Friday the 13th!

While Skawt Chonzz Slams, You Get His Chapbook For Free


… or you could show your appreciation by dropping a small amount of cash for it. Here at Martian Migraine Press, we like to give you that option!

Just kidding. Our hands are actually somewhat tied by Amazonian policies, such as they are. So, if you’d like skawt chonnz‘s R’LYEH SUTRA for your Kindle or Kindle enabled device, that’s swell, but the lovely beast that is Amazon requires that you part with some shekels for the privilege.

On the other tentacle, if you’re quite happy to read your electronical book-type thingies in EPUB or PDF format, then prepare to feel your wallet remain at its current weight! Download links are below.

MOBI version (good for the ubiquitous Kindle e-reader and Kindle enabled devices and at $1.99, an outrageous steal of a deal!)
EPUB version
(good for Kobo, Nook & Sony e-readers)
PDF version (good for regular ‘puters with Adobe Reader)

skawt chonzz is bringing his peculiar brand of Plutonian spoken-weird to Vancouver’s Verses Festival and the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam only from April 10 through 12, but you can load up on the lyrical strangeness of his R’LYEH SUTRA for the rest of the week. This free (and cheap-as-free!) offer lasts until Sunday April 14. And if you like skawt, please check out the other great authors here at Martian Migraine Press!

Martian Migraine Press: the Best Kind of Headache!


“SUMMONINGS: Yvette’s Interview” NEW Blackstone Erotica Short by JustineG


“… the best entertainment I’ve had in ages… f**king magnificent… sublime!” — BDSM Reviews

From Martian Migraine Press and the twisted imagination of Justine G come SUMMONINGS: short-form weird-erotic fictions set in the horrifically sexy BLACKSTONE Erotica universe!

Blackstone readers met psychic ice-princess Yvette for the first time in BLACKSTONE Book 2: GREEN FEVER DREAM. In SUMMONINGS: Yvette’s Interview, we learn how the blonde sex fiend got that plum job as Evangeline Waite’s very personal assistant. Dark sex and black sorcery are sure to be on her wicked CV!

SUMMONINGS: Yvette’s Interview is 7000 words of transgressive, bizarre sexuality, night-black humour, and kinky horror! Open yourself to the perverted supernatural world of Justine G!


“… damned near the perfect Lovecraftian erotica. Fast-moving, darkly funny, twisted, sexy, and insane, all in the right proportions.”

Justine G “weaves creepy and raunchy into an altogether new kind of tapestry…”

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