A recent Google hang-out with our authors turned maudlin the other night. S R Jones, a longtime fan of Grant Morrison’s seminal series of… well, it’s hardly fair to call them “comic books”, even, is it? No. Anyway, the boy loves The Invisibles and the discussion turned to that love, and how quaint the series seems now during these final tilt-a-whirl descending days before the Eschaton blows all up ins on 12/21/2012. Which quaintness (Jones claims) speaks to the underlying archetypal truths of the work. Which is all fine and good, except where is my Ganzfeldt tank, Jones? Where are the rogue nano-swarms? Whither Barbelith, Mr Morrison? We’re all hankerin’ for a taste of ruptured cosmic placenta down here! Let’s get the party started!

At which point our author Justine G, ever the single/dirty-minded one, said “Has anyone ever made anything of that throwaway comment GM made in the Winter’s Edge one-off story, And We’re All Policemen? The bit about the sex novel that’s really just a science text with dirty catchphrases scattered throughout?”

Now, in case you’re fuzzy, MMP readers, she means this… But, more specifically, and as Jones was quick to point out, she means this

Yeah, that, said our Justine. That’s it. Has anyone written that thing?

We didn’t know, but I resolved then and there to find out. A quick tweet to the Morrison experts over at SEQUART revealed the shocking possibility that the answer to Justine’s question was no. We couldn’t believe it either, but Jones and Geoffrey (the troopers!) have taken that glowing incredulous ball and drop-kicked it like an adorable but unwanted mutant baby into some kind of End-of-Days zone. And that’s enough mixed sport-y/apocalyptic metaphors from us. Jesus.

Basically, using the very driest of public domain marine engineering text and their own writer-ly skills, our authors are entering into a virtual collaboration with the fictionsuit of Gideon Stargrave to make available that very novel! Just in time for the holidays, too. Tentatively titled SEAWATER & STARS or Stephanie’s First Date, the novel will be exactly as Morrison has described above: experimental, erotic, and yes, loaded with dull marine engineering… stuff. We’ve seen some early passages and folks, it kinda works, actually. Lots of pumps and pistons and valves. It’s Freudian in the best possible way. Merry Last Solstice Ever, MMP readers! Updates as they occur…

And as long as we’re graphics-happy with this heah Newscluster, let’s give y’all a fun preview of the cover for Justine G’s upcoming one-off erotic sci-fi short: ORGY IN THE VALLEY OF THE LUST LARVAE!

We are guessing that there will be larvae involved. Lustful larvae.

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers! Thanks for reading MMP books, and remember, reviews are always welcome and gratefully fawned over.

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