Martian Migraine Press is very pleased to announce that we will be releasing a new collection of short horror fiction on March 15! With SOFT FROM ALL THE BLOOD, author S R Jones presents seven tales of surreal terror, ranging from the darkly comedic to the Lovecraftian and beyond. Inside this creepy little e-book, you’ll find the following Damned Things for your amusement and delectation…

A childhood dream holds a terrifying key to the future of the man he will become.

You can’t run from who you are. You can’t go home again. And someone, somewhere, is thinking about you, right now. These are truths we often forget. And remembering them can be deadly.

Treat them right, and they’ll treat you right. Treat them wrong…

In a future society where dreams are product and nostalgia is a commodity, professional Weavers plumb the depths of the unconscious for cash, sex and fame. But with everyone jacked in and asleep, will anyone notice when the stars turn right?

A chance encounter in a prairie diner sends two young men to a remote northern lake. The ice fishing is decent, the cabin cozy… but neither are prepared for the nightly entertainment. A tale of cannibalism and cosmic horror.

For most of us, Death, when it comes, whether after a long illness or by tragic accident, comes instantly. One moment you’re alive and the next you’re not. But for one unlucky widower, being in the wrong place at the wrong time means an eternity of undead torment.

A conversation on a crippled, fog-bound ferry takes a turn for the surreal and leaves one passenger with a shattered mind.

Look for SOFT FROM ALL THE BLOOD on the Amazon Kindle store on March 15th, and introduce yourself to the twisted imagination of S R Jones and Martian Migraine Press! There will be a brief period where you can download the book for free, as well.

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