Before we get to the actual announcement, Migraineers, we’d like you to take a look at this moth. It’s called a Metalmark Moth, of the genus Brenthia in the family Choreutidae. And what this critter does is very rare: they mimic the Jumping Spider, which is (wait for it) their main predator. From the markings, to the way they move, their whole defensive schtick is about making the things that hunt them believe that they are them.

Watching this moth, as we’ve watched and researched so many other examples of mimicry in nature as we’ve been putting together the Monstrous Outlines anthology, we wonder about ourselves. After all, homo sapien sapiens are the possibly the world’s best predator (or at least the most soulful, as Father John Misty tells us and affirms!)… are we camouflaging ourselves as something worse? Something higher up the food chain, maybe? POINTS TO PONDER!

And while you do, ponder this Table of Contents for Monstrous Outlines… with the dual exceptions of authors Cody Goodfellow and Jonathan Raab (each with stories in the 2017 anthology A Breath from the Sky) this is an all new line-up of incredibly talented writers that we know you’ll be thrilled by! (Oh, and that Blackwood fellow, of course. Algie’s The Willows will be in there as well, as the seed story from the heady days of classic weird fiction.)

The Willows — Algernon Blackwood
Restoration — Holly Lyn Walrath
His Little Heart, Dispossessed
— Ben Blattberg
Asleep in the Deep End
— Cody Goodfellow
A Monster Story — Evan Marcroft
Lux Aeterna — David H. Varley
The Mountain’s Wife
— Jennifer R. Donohue
The Agnostic Gospels:
Variations on a Theme
— Rachel Rodman
Like Glory — Joanne Rixon
White Elephant — Rachel Weist
Continuing Ed — Michael Gray Baughan
Core Rules — Jonathan Raab
The Gate, The Key; His Peacock Tongue
— James B. Pepe
Crypsis — Dakota Crane
The Disappearing Apprentice
— Nathan Alling Long

We’ll be keeping you updated over the next few months as the book nears completion, Migraineers! The theme of the anthology may be weird camouflage horror, but we here at MMP HQ are up-front about our intent with Monstrous Outlines… we expect you’ll love it. More to come, so stay connected with Martian Migraine Press on Twitter and Facebook.