Well, S R Jones’ collection of spook stories was enrolled with KDPSelect when we initially published it back in mid-March, and we’ve yet to utilize the ‘5 Free Days’ promotional feature of that program, so (despite some misgivings on our and others part regarding the relative value of a free product ie. “you get what you pay for”), here goes…

Soft From All The Blood FREE PROMOSOFT FROM ALL THE BLOOD will be FREE TO DOWNLOAD HERE starting 12:01am on MAY 3 through to 11:59pm MAY 4! And yes, we know about the fuzzy temporal edges on the part of Amazon’s schedule-making robots. There will likely be some wiggle-room on either end. FYI: May 3 is Jones’ birthday, and folks, it’s a big one, with a zero in it… we thought some free promo boost-age for his book would be a nice present, and we’re hoping you can help us out with that.

We’ve let the concerned parties of social media and various news-y websites know. We have engaged in spammy behaviours recently on the twitter, and will likely continue along that path for the next week or so. We want you to know we feel bad about that, and hope you are alright with it; it can be tough starting out and the Martian Migraine Press audience is not yet huge. Your understanding is appreciated.

We have no particular goal for downloads in mind: “100 would be swell!” we think in our naiveté, and then we hear things along the lines of “10,000 is not an unreasonable amount for free download promos!” and our minds boggle. This is so unlike print, which is what we’re used to. Bogglin’ over here.

It’s the future. Best get used to it.


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