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Green Fever Dream Gets A Lovely Review!


Here at MMP HQ, we expect certain things to be said about our authors and their work. Most of those expectations fall squarely in Hell’s half-acre, though. We expect to hear words like “twisted”, “perverted”, “horrific”, and, on occasion, even “hilarious”. Those terms are par for the course.

But “I found a human connection that captured my heart”? What? And for the work of Justine G, our resident weird pornographer? Double-whaaaat?

Yup. Guess we’ll just have to get used to hearing it.

The full review from Kelley J Nightrose (author of Dream Lovers) is below, and if you’d like to comment on it, or add a review of your own, please to be following this handy link-thing

Many times a series will open with a tremendous story and everything that follows feels like the creator is trying to recapture that original glory. I’m happy to say this is not one of those occasions.
The Blackstone Erotic series started strong with Red Monolith Frenzy and the story keeps getting better. After reading Summonings and RMF I thought I knew what to expect from Green Fever Dream but the way Justine, Priestess of the Blackstone, developed as a character caught me totally off guard. I was genuinely thrilled to see this side of her that I didn’t know existed.
There’s plenty of mind blowing freaky sex. Some is quite disturbing and some is just crazy hot. Amidst the less than wholesome magically enhanced activities, insane psycho-sexual encounters with demonic creatures, and cruelty perpetrated upon beings from this world and beyond, I found a human connection that captured my heart. Way to go Justine G. I’m totally hooked.

The Numbers: Halloween Promo Breakdown! Also, Author Projects and MECHANICALS


This was our biggest free Kindle book promotion yet and we’ve only just now sat down to tally the results. Over the course of five days, from October 28 through to Thursday November 1, we gave away four of our current titles, to a dollar amount of $1900. Gah. It’s enough to give a body the vapours. Here’s the breakdown, homies…

Soft From All The Blood by S R Jones — 249 copies
Green Fever Dream (Book 2 BLACKSTONE Erotica) by Justine G — 242 copies
Summonings: Anicka and Kamil (a BLACKSTONE Erotica short) by Justine G — 287 copies
R’lyeh Sutra by skawt chonzz — 157 copies

Not enough skin...?

... or just enough?

Perhaps obviously, the most downloads went to MMP erotica titles, and, perhaps even more obviously, Justine’s short Summonings: Anicka and Kamil did better business than her longer form smutty novella Green Fever Dream.We think the difference between the two books comes down to the cover graphics: plenty of bare skin and nice lingerie on the Summonings cover v. full latex kink scuba gear on Green Fever Dream. That, and length. It’s always about the length. Yeah, yeah. Jokers. Well, thanks to our graphic design department for at least staying somewhat faithful to the contents of each book. The BLACKSTONE characters need those goddamn scuba masks at the end!

As always, if you’ve downloaded and have enjoyed or are currently enjoying any of the above titles, won’t you please pop on by the Amazon page for said titles, click on the Like button (won’t take a second!) and leave a review? Reviews may take a few more seconds, possibly even a minute or five. Such small temporal sacrifices are greatly appreciated!

In other news, as we slowly ooze on into December expect a little less activity from our authors as they devote their collective hours to new projects. Jones is in the early stages of his non-fiction When The Stars Are Right: Towards An Authentic R’lyehian Spirituality, as well as pumping out short stories for MMP and (gasp!) other publishers, while Justine is working on two new BLACKSTONE shorts, the third book in the BLACKSTONE series, Yellow Sign Bound, and a stand alone sci-fi/horror erotica short tentatively titled ORGY IN THE VALLEY OF THE LUST LARVAE! There’s even skitterings from skawt recently regarding the release of another dark poetry chapbook…

Finally, we’d like to mention that long-time friend of the show and kick-ass author/holy man Jordan Stratford has a new steampunk book out: MECHANICALS. Folks, we here at MMP were treated to the ARC of Mechanicals months back and we can conclusively state that this? This is an amazing, full-tilt read with engaging characters and an aromatic plot. Right now it’s at the introductory price of $2.99 but that’s only for the next three weeks, we’re told, so if you’re hankering for some para-historical derring-do, now’s the time to hit up Stratford for Mechanicals!

Martian Migraine Press: the Best Kind of Headache

MMP Halloween Special! Free Kindle Books: All Treats, No Tricks!


Years ago, our author S R Jones used to run a weekly ‘Weird Tales’-style spoken word radio show, appropriately titled “Weird Tales”. Original. Anyway… he tells us that, with spooky stuff being sent out on the airwaves all year, Halloween always had an anti-climactic feel, so much so that he’d switch up genres and do an all-romance or documentary show when the dread night came round. We won’t be doing that for our Halloween special, but man, we know how he felt… because all (OK, most) of our titles are spooky.

Spooky… and FREE! (Which is the best kind of spooky.) The following four MMP titles will be free for your Kindle from SUNDAY OCTOBER 28 through to THURSDAY NOVEMBER 1. Face it: y’all knew this was coming from us. How could we not do a Halloween special promo? Clicking on the covers below will take you directly to the books on their respective Amazon pages. Knock yourselves out, boys and ghouls! There’s something for everyone: surreal poetry, magic(k)al illustrations, literary horror and of course, the monstrous erotica of Justine G’s BLACKSTONE series. Download ’em, consume ’em like the sweet, sickening, sweet candy they are, and when you’re done (and groaning with the pleasure of a good haul) pop on back to their pages and leave our authors some appreciative reviews! Thanks. And have a happy Halloween!

Martian Migraine Press: the Best Kind of Headache
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