We ran our two-day free promotion on Amazon for Soft From All The Blood by S R Jones at the beginning of the month. Less than 4 weeks later, we can say with some confidence that they’ve got something there: Soft From All The Blood was downloaded just under 2500 times between May 3 and 4, and the book has seen increased sales in the weeks since. At least 1 sale per day, often more. Our other two current titles, the first book in Justine G‘s BLACKSTONE Erotic series RED MONOLITH FRENZY, and Jones’ tidy flash-fiction collection The Ecdysiasts, have also seen a bit of an up-tick. Most importantly, Soft From All The Blood now features in the ‘Customers Also Bought’ and ‘Also Viewed’ categories, which definitely helps things along!

And here we thought that 100 free downloads would be decent. Yes, we’re embarrassed by our naïveté as well.

We are always pleased with honest reviews, so, if you’re among those 2500 who found a space for Jones’ book on their e-reader, won’t you please pop on by its Amazon page and let us know what you thought?

* * * * *

In other news, we’ve had to move the release dates up a bit for the next MMP books. It’s a good thing we don’t choose actual, single dates for these things! June is now the month to watch for the second book in the BLACKSTONE Erotica series by Justine G. We’re told it’s just about ready but “added bookings in my lecture series tend to play hell with my free writing time”, says Justine. We’re happy to wait for quality product, of course, and can’t wait to see what she has planned for GREEN FEVER DREAM, especially considering those final scenes in Book One!

The e-chapbook R’LYEH SUTRA will also be slightly delayed. skawt chonzz‘s bizarre poetics and altered-state prose awaits the resolution of some technical glitches vis a vis a proposed insertion of a randomly sampled and hyperlinked occult document. Folks, this was much easier when MMP put out the actual, physical version of this chapbook last year, but we are working hard to make the weird thrill at the core of the digital R’LYEH SUTRA as mind-bending and unsettling as its paper ancestor!

* * * * *

We haven’t said much here regarding Haley Warren‘s THRESHOLD616 YA series, as when it finally sees release (Halloween 2012) we want to blow the roof off this thing. And by this thing, we (probably) mean “the Internet”. Alright, kidding. Very slightly kidding. But we would like to announce that we’re speaking with some very talented artists about the cover to the first book, Children of Hazard, and we’re getting pretty excited about that! More details as they come in…

* * * * *

Finally, some news about submissions…

Martian Migraine Press is now open to submissions for our new journal, ONEIROS. This journal, which will be available in multiple e-formats (and possibly a limited press run), is focused on mapping the territory of human dreams! We’ll be placing ONEIROS in our non-fiction category, naturally. For more details on what we are looking for from contributors, please visit our Submissions page.

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