Haley Warren

Haley Warren Haley Warren is the author of the Threshold616 series of YA novels. Haley spent her childhood years in the Sesqua Valley of Washington State. Some of her earliest memories are of the hilltop bonfire lights seen on certain nights and the strange booming sounds that rolled down out of the sky. “I’ve always loved weird things and weird people, so the Valley was a great place to grow up. They say everyone born there eventually goes back, so, maybe someday. But I’ve always been weird,” she says. “Everyone is, I think, but most are too scared to admit it. Although I think that’s changing. I want to see the world get stranger, which is why I write what I do.”

When she isn’t putting Meri, Dom, and the rest of the Threshold616 team into dangerous supernatural situations, she works as an environmental consultant. She lives in Seattle.

“I have only one cat. That’s a thing, right? Every bio I’ve ever read, the writer always mentions their two cats. I just have the one, his name is Derby. And a toad named Balthazar. There you go.”

You can write to her at haleywarren@martianmigrainepress.com or follow her on the Twitter @Threshold616