We’ve been momentarily possessed by the spirit of fellow Canuck, Alex Trebek, and as such we’re feeling in a quiz show mood! Whaddaya mean, “he’s not dead”? Well, that’s just weird.

Ready for some (possibly) obscure mythological trivia? Alright, here goes!

In S R Jones’ horror story The Frozen (collected in Soft From All The Blood) the monstrous presence encountered by the narrator at a remote northern lake is referenced as “the father” of what supernatural creature?

Hints: the creature is of Algonquin First Nations origin, and has appeared in numerous macabré tales of the wild North throughout the 20th century.

The first person to comment below with the correct answer will win a free copy of Soft From All The Blood in the e-reader format of their choosing! And if you can also correctly guess the author of the first published story featuring the mystery creature, there’s a mystery bonus prize available.

Sound easy? Think you’ve got it? Ooh, the bonus story question, too, eh? Careful, that bonus question is tricky. Contest closes the moment we have a winner!