CHTHONIC Authors and ToC Announcement


The selection process for the next MMP anthology reflected the theme, Migraineers. There was a sensation of compression, a certain claustrophobia to our reading of the (literally teeming, like worms, or molemen!) submissions, a shortness of breath, a distinct impression that time, and air, and light were in short supply. And, like light glimpsed dimly in some noisome cavern world, the stand out tales were instantly attractive, obvious choices. So, we reached out and grasped them, bringing them into our little book of underground terrors and marvels! Here they are, then, the authors and their stories, some well known, some new, as is our custom, and in no particular order as yet. We’ll release the final order of the ToC closer to the on-sale date, which, incidentally, will be 5 December 2017, with pre-orders becoming available a month previous to the on-sale date. Also, please stay tuned to MMP for the next open submissions call for the first of our 2018 anthologies! That announcement before the end of this week. Thanks for reading with Martian Migraine Press!

CHTHONIC: Weird Tales of Inner Earth ToC

H. P. Lovecraft
The Rats in the Walls

John Linwood Grant
Where All Is Night, and Starless

Aaron Besson
A Song for Granite Khronos

Gemma Files
The Harrow

Scott Shank
Nivel del Mar

Nadia Bulkin

Christopher Slatsky
Tellurian Facade

Adam McOmber
The Re’em

Antony Mann

S. L. Edwards
Volver Al Monte

Tom Lynch
The Writhe

Belinda Lewis
The Dragons Beneath

Sarah Peploe

Adam Millard
Tending the Core

Orrin Grey
Hollow Earths

Ramsey Campbell
The End of a Summer’s Day

David Stevens
Some Corner of a Dorset Field That Is Forever Arabia


PRIESTESS in Paperback!


PRIESTESS_frontcover_01It’s been a pet project of ours for some time, here at MMP HQ: getting the Collected BLACKSTONE Erotica series (by our own Justine Geoffrey, natch!) into some kind of physical form. We can all agree that, for some, weird smut holds a special frisson for the connoisseur when it can be secreted away in a trench coat pocket or small purse, or slipped into the drawer of a bedside table for late-night sessions. Certainly our own memories of shoplifting copies of Penthouse FORUM from the Coles Books down at the mall loom large in our remembrance of all things teenage and rebellious! So, the print edition of PRIESTESS: The Collected BLACKSTONE Erotica would have to fulfill certain criteria: it would have to be small (a true pocketbook), the cover would need a certain gloss, and the contents and formatting would require… well, let’s just say our book block design droids were charged with a mandate best summed up as “round, firm, and fully packed”! In other words, different from our other print endeavours.

We’re happy to say we’ve succeeded: this is a juicy and thoroughly smutty little tome! And here it is, ready for order direct from MMP, or from most fine online retailers! PRIESTESS is only $8.99CAD + delivery

  If you’re Canadian (and congratulations if you are!)
you can order PRIESTESS HERE (8.99 + 3.50CAD shipping & handling)

  If you’re American (brave! free! delightfully weird!)
you can order PRIESTESS HERE (8.99 + 8.00CAD shipping & handling)

  If you live anywhere else on this bizarre spinning mudspeck,
you can order PRIESTESS HERE (8.99 + 16.00CAD shipping & handling)

PRIESTESS is of course also available to order from other fine online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes&Noble!

“… the best entertainment I’ve had in ages… f**king magnificent… sublime!” — BDSM Book Reviews

This collection brings together the first four BLACKSTONE Erotica books from Justine Geoffrey and Martian Migraine Press: RED MONOLITH FRENZY, GREEN FEVER DREAM, ‘Summonings: Anicka & Kamil’ and ‘Summonings: Yvette’s Interview’ in the order in which the story occurs. Follow a novice Priestess of the Black Stone as she calls up prehistoric sex-gods in the mountains of Eastern Europe, gathers power and partners in the glitzy dungeons of London’s BDSM scene, and mates with monsters in subterranean chambers of lust and horror! Learn the backstory of her friends, lovers, and enemies! This volume also contains excerpts from Blackstone Book 3, YELLOW SIGN BOUND, and the sci-fi gonzo-erotica ‘Orgy in the Valley of the Lust Larvae’. PRIESTESS: The Collected Blackstone Erotica. Transgressive, bizarre sexuality, night-black humour, and cosmic horror! Open yourself to the perverted supernatural world of Justine Geoffrey!

“Like Edward Lee, Justine Geoffrey pushes the limits of explicit sexuality … Blackstone currently represents the most creative and ambitious Mythos erotica.”– Bobby Derie, author of Sex and the Cthulhu Mythos

RESONATOR! Frequency Shifting with Lyndsey Holder


RESONATOR_313pxRESONATOR: New Lovecraftian Tales From Beyond drops officially at the end of this week! FRIDAY MARCH 13th! A day that will no doubt live in some kind of infamy, according to our recent tea leaf readings and repeated exposure to cosmic rays in our specially constructed ray-harvesting bunker! (Ahh, the things we get up to for fun here at MMP HQ! We can’t even, not even.) Anyway, you can still PRE-ORDER the paperback edition of RESONATOR HERE (until Thursday, naturally — jeez! Tomorrow? Yes.) and not only save on shipping costs (anywhere in the world!) but be entered to win the sweet original art by Nick Gucker that we used for the cover! That’s all kinds of pineal-stimulating win, right there. So, go do that, and then come back here to read this swell interview that anthology editor Scott R Jones did with RESONATOR author Lyndsey Holder! (We’ll be rolling out interviews with most of the contributors over the next two weeks or so, so check back often for added awesome.)

* * * * *

Lyndsey, your story, Parasitosis, has a remarkable crackling energy to it, largely due to the poetic choice of having your Resonator technology induce a synaesthetic response in the user. Colours you hear, language you feel on your skin, vignettes that impose themselves over reality the deeper one goes into the experience. Synaesthesia is a little known condition; what made you want to work with it?

I’m fascinated by the human body and its weirdness: all of the strange little things that some of us can spontaneously do that make us so different from any kind of artificial intelligence. I grew up in the 1980s, when the prevailing attitude was that technology would eventually outshine all of humanity. After having worked in an operating room for a while, I’ve come to believe that human bodies are far more complex and amazing than technology could ever be. Also, I personally have orgasms to colour synaesthesia.

Neat! The creatures your narrator encounters in the spaces Beyond are sentient, scheming things, with an active interest in using her for their own ends, which I found made a nice change from the usual run of mindless hungry blobs. It stands to reason that a Beyond ecosystem (or as I started to call it, an “eeek!-osystem”) would have highly-evolved, thinking beings somewhere in it. Which would you find more horrific: consumed by an extra-dimensional jellyfish or enslaved by (for lack of a better term) a junkie demon?

Being eaten has an end point at least, though I can’t imagine jellyfish, even extra-dimensional ones, being terribly quick eaters. They probably have lots of fun neurotoxins they’d hit me up with, though, so there’s that to look forward to. Anyway, having stared into what I was fairly certain was my own impending doom more than once, there’s something freeing about letting go when you’re in that moment, when you see your own death looming immediately ahead of you and you are sure that there is nothing you can do to stop it. Most of us spend every waking moment running from our own mortality so there’s a profound sense of relief when you feel that Death has finally caught up with you and you don’t have to run any more. Being trapped by junkie demons is far more insidious, because your cage is something that is intangible. When you can’t see the walls of your prison, how do you know where they begin and where they end? How do you tell your fellow inmates from your jailers?

You’re fairly new to being published; Parisitosis is, I think, your second story published and the first in print. How are you finding the experience so far? Any writing goals you’d like to share?

I’ve been trying to be a lot more visceral with my writing lately, which is both liberating and terrifying. Putting a lot of myself into my work makes the process of writing a lot more of an adrenaline rush, but it also makes submitting it a lot more tense – I sometimes feel like I’m showing up naked on someone’s doorstep and hoping they don’t laugh at me. 

No one’s laughing, trust us! Where can we find more of your work in 2015, Lyndsey?

My story Chosen will appear in Innsmouth Free Press‘ upcoming anthology She Walks in Shadows in the fall. I’m also working on a project with some other incredibly talented women with collagen disorders, the proceeds of which will be used to help us all meet together in person in November this year. It’s still in very early stages of planning, but I’m very excited about it.

Always a pleasure, Lyndsey! We’re very happy to have you in RESONATOR and we look forward to watching you rise!

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