Hey Migraine-ers! (Migraineers? Migs? Eh, we’ll sort that out later…) Some bad news and less-bad news for you today.

Bad news: we’ve had to close the submission process for ONEIROS Dream Journal, as interest has not been sufficient to support the creation of anything close to the kind and size of publication that we’d like to put out there. Maybe we’ll try again with it later, once the MMP audience has grown a bit, but for now, ONEIROS will have to go back to sleep. It was a fitful waking, in any case. Thanks to everyone who did submit their dream-stuff for the journal; sorry we couldn’t make it work for you and please feel under no obligation to MMP! Which is to say, your work is your work, and get it out there to other projects.

The less-bad news: Sparlock the Warrior Wizard is seeing similarly low interest in his Chronicles, which, frankly, surprises the hell out of us, considering his origins and the high creativity of his supporters BUT we are pressing on with this collection! Submissions for The Chronicles of Sparlock will be staying open until the end of September 2012! This will give us enough time to edit, design and prep the book in time for publication by, yes, Halloween! An appropriate release date, all things considered. Visit the submissions page for more details.

In other news, MMP author Justine G is nearly done writing Book Two of her BLACKSTONE weird erotica series. “I just need to get the girls out of that fetish club and into the orgone chamber,” she teases. OK, Justine! Expect GREEN FEVER DREAM to be available for purchase by the end of July, if not sooner (stay tuned to our twitter feed and this site for updates), and doubly-expect a free promotion or two in the days leading up to and surrounding this creepy-fun release!

One last item: we’re pleased to congratulate our resident poet skawt chonzz who will have his wicked poem WARNING FROM THE FUTURE published in the upcoming summer edition of Broken City Mag out of Toronto! The Big Smoke! Check out chonzz’s bizarro poetic steez in the e-chapbook version of R’LYEH SUTRA, only $0.99 for your Kindle, and, as always, DRM-free.

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