The kinky folk over at BDSM Book Reviews have just posted a review of our own Justine G‘s RED MONOLITH FRENZY, the first book in her BLACKSTONE Erotica series, and people, it’s what you’d call glowing. The reviewer (who we’re suddenly extremely fond of) called RED MONOLITH FRENZY “fucking magnificent” and “sublime” before going on to say…

“This is the best entertainment I’ve had in ages that did not involve booze, polyhedral dice, renfaire wenches, and/or my hideously deformed cat.  That is really saying something,because when I break out the polyhedral dice and the wenches, shit gets real. I don’t know if I have ever laughed this hard at porn that was trying to be funny.  (I’ve laughed almost to the point of throwing up over unintentionally bad porn, but this is absolutely not unintentional or bad.)”

Y’know, we’re not sure if funny was what Justine was shooting for, but we’ll take it! (Actually, we lie… humour is definitely part of the BLACKSTONE DNA!)

Read the full review over at BDSM Book Reviews! And prepare yourselves for Book Two of BLACKSTONE: GREEN FEVER DREAM, due out before the end of this month!