Justine G is the second author in our stable of weird writers and the entity responsible for the BLACKSTONE Erotica series, the first book of which, RED MONOLITH FRENZY, came out in April… and we’ve just released he second book in the series, GREEN FEVER DREAM. Explaining what Justine does and how she does it is not an easy task, as she’s been cultivating her mystery since she was wee; all we here at MMP know is that we get a perverse little kick from her amusing yet disturbing tales of strange sexual practices.

We are, as ever, excited to release Book Two and of course, see what arousing abominations she’s created this time around. We managed to actually get her on the phone (a rare occurrence, akin to an eclipse or, dunno, eel migrations? Something like that…) and, after some business-style chat re: formatting for GREEN FEVER DREAM, pressed our advantage with a couple of interview questions…

MMP: Ready for some probing, Justine?

JG: Oh! You know it.

MMP: Let’s start with your definition of BLACKSTONE… erotic romance or erotica?

JG: Oh, erotica. No question. Let’s put it this way: ain’t nobody in my books overcoming adversity and building a stable relationship with a view to happily-ever-after. There’s no romance in my books and no apologies, either.

MMP: Alright then, paranormal erotica or regular flavour?

JG: Paranormal is such a useless term now, y’know? It’s just become this catch-all category for the vamps and werewolves and sexy witches. Excuse me while I stifle a yawn. I prefer the term “weird erotica” for my stuff, which means, basically, harkening back to the old-school weird fiction of yesteryear. My monsters are actually monstrous. Magic that’s not shiny. Sex that’s heavy on the F in “WTF?”

MMP: Yesteryear. There’s a rare word.

JG: Oh my god, man! Some of that old stuff was not safe at all! Racy, disturbing, dark materials with a serious vein of kink running through it all. I mean, nothing as explicit as today, but still… so much of the so-called paranormal fiction and erotica today is completely dull. I’m trying to introduce danger, threat. And fun, of course!

MMP: It’s working. Getting the feedback from some of our advance reviewers for RED MONOLITH FRENZY was enlightening for us. The word transgression came up more than once…

JG: Well, good, because that’s what I’m going for. Transgressive material, boundary-defying sex.

MMP: Certainly a few lines get crossed in Book One! The closing orgy is like nothing we’ve seen before but even so, it’s all humans involved, albeit freakishly mutated ones. You’re going further with Book Two, though?

JG: Oh yes. The problem with writing erotica with and for humans is that the politics are inescapable, really. Every interaction, even the most casual, is loaded with politics. So, with Book Two, I’m moving beyond humans, or human-proxies, which almost happened in Book One, but it wasn’t the right time for it in the arc of the story. For me, sex has always been about eroticizing the Other, and there’s only so far you can take that when the Other looks, speaks, and acts like you do.

MMP: If it’s not too personal to ask, how do you identify sexually?

JG: Not personal at all. Seriously, so-called personalities just get in the way of being an omni-sexual creature. And that’s “me”; I’m all over the map. Probably this has a lot to do with my personal occult practice, but I’ve broken and re-combined my identity so many times by now that the sight of a glass of water can get me warm!

MMP: Half-full? Or half-empty?

JG: (laughs) Oh, about three-quarters full with a little condensation around the lip and a damp coaster underneath and I’m all over that glass! But you get what I mean. I think it’s a completely open and natural way to approach the Universe. I mean, if you’ve incarnated here, then clearly you enjoy a physical, sexualized existence. Binaries are present so that they may be unified; there are no polarities, only symmetries. Everything is sexy from the right angle!

MMP: We have a feeling all your angles are non-Euclidean, but yeah, we get it.

JG: You know how some people are all “I like to make love during storms”? I’m the same way, honestly, but I’d rather be with the storm itself.

MMP: And you say you’re not a romantic?

JG: (laughs) Yeah, I guess that’s kind of Baudelaire of me, isn’t it?

MMP: A little. So what we’re hearing from you here is less about eroticizing the Other than it is the Outer? Is that correct or close, would you say?

JG: Sure. The sexualizing of concepts, it’s just the natural place to end up if you believe that whole ‘the brain is the main sex organ’ deal. If ideas get you horny, my stuff is for you. I’d like to write a scene someday in which I fuck Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem, but I’m not a mathemetician. Still, that would be something else! Probably never, truly finish, though… but the synaesthetic overload!

MMP: (laughs) We’ll try to find you some prize-winning mathlete to work with on that. But that’s another thing about your fiction that we’ve received some queries about: you’re the main character! What are you trying to do there with the first-person perspective? Is it straight-up reporting?

JG: I like my erotica with strong female characters, and I’m the strongest one I know, so, it’s auto-biographical material from another dimension! The Justine from seventeen degrees to the left gets up to some crazy stuff, and I just write about it: I pass the screaming on to you, like a good journalist! Seriously, though, I do believe in that stuff. If I’ve learned anything here, it’s that in an infinite Universe, everything is happening somewhere. There’s no such thing as fiction…

MMP: We love the way you drop terrifying cosmic implications into casual conversation! You don’t really shy away from loading your books with magic, and with your background…

JG: Yeah, it’s fifty shades of legit occult invocation of Eros! (laughs) I mean, I know my readers are smart, so why would I talk down to them? In RED MONOLITH FRENZY there’s some discussion on language-as-reality-modifier, and in GREEN FEVER DREAM, the orgone-radiation theories of Wilhelm Reich are a key part of the plot.

MMP: Not something you’d find in most of the erotica being produced. It’s why we like you here.

JG: Thank you! I mean, it’s not like I go on and on about those things. My books are all about the sex, but y’know, may as well learn a little something as you go. I hope it makes them different enough from the usual fare.

MMP: Speaking of which, would you ever write something like Fifty Shades of Grey? Maybe something with a Lovecraftian flavour?

JG: What, like Fifty Shades of R’lyeh? God, no. I respect Lovecraft too much, the old prude! (laughs) See, that Fifty Shades… it’s just glossed over rape-fantasy which, y’know, others have analyzed elsewhere, so I won’t go on about it. Again, I like the strong female characters, which this James creature is clearly not a fan of. Meh. Leave it for the housewives.

MMP: Something she has in common with Lovecraft. No strong females in his fiction…

JG: Well, exactly. Barely any females at all, and the few he does have are either weak or monstrous. Lovecraft avoided sex like the plague, so of course, it seethes and breeds between every line of his work. There’s folks who, well, I guess you’d call them, what? Lovecraft traditionalists? Get upset about filmmakers like Stuart Gordon or authors who dose their Lovecraftiana with sex and I just don’t get that. It’s there, it’s complicit, embedded in the material, and we’re all big boys and girls and other things, so why not bring it out. Have some fun with it.

MMP: Sure, but does that defeat the purpose?

JG: Not at all! Now, I think we’re in danger in this society, in danger of becoming anhedonic. Of exhausting ourselves of the pleasure principle and more importantly, of those things that trigger wonder in us. Which is what sex should do. It’s wonderful and it’s horrific, also, and this is something we forget. I don’t want us to forget that. It’s transformative. So, use it as such. Use it to transform and as long as you’re transforming, why not become something more than human? Just seems like an obvious thing to me.

MMP: Not giving anything away here, but what’s next for Justine G in GREEN FEVER DREAM and beyond?

JG: She gets out of fucking Czechoslovakia, for starters! Let’s see… London, five-star hotels, new powers, new apprentice, new threats! Plenty of sex and then, as with the first book, a big reveal at the end. She gets some answers, and of course, more questions arise. Then it’s off to Boston for Book Three! And possibly something off-planet for Book Four…

MMP: Yes! As ever, looking forward to it, Justine.

Justine G’s BLACKSTONE Erotica series continues with Book Two GREEN FEVER DREAM, available as a DRM-free Kindle ebook