We should stop. Really. Once in a while, take a moment to pause. Engage with friends and family. And we will! We absolutely will. A Saturday night would be good for that.

Just not this Saturday night! We’ve been very busy…

This night we’ve a new release coming to the Kindle bookshelves: the first book in the BLACKSTONE Erotica Series by Justine G… RED MONOLITH FRENZY! We were initially uncomfortable with the use of all-caps, but then we read the book. And we are completely comfortable now. So comfortable that we’ve descended into the perverse world of bold and coloured text. Abominations abound here at Martian Migraine Press, thanks to Justine G.Red Monolith Frenzy BLACKSTONE Erotica Series Book One

RED MONOLITH FRENZY is a wild romp, readers. Wild. You can go read about it here, and we’ll have a link up to its dirty little page in the Kindle store the moment it goes live. If you like bizarre erotica, outlandish situations, creepy dark humour… yes. Justine G has written this book for you.

We cannot wait for Book Two. Justine has sent us the first couple of chapters, and apparently, things get even weirder as they get hotter. Don’t see how that’s actually possible, but we leave such considerations to Justine. A freakish, freaky girl. We’re all quite fond of her here, and we think you will be too.

Soft From All The BloodAnd in horror-related news: we’re pleased to report that S R JonesSOFT FROM ALL THE BLOOD is receiving some pretty decent reviews already. We like “makes a physical impression” the most: odd behaviour for an e-book, we’re sure you’ll agree! We’ll take “great atmosphere” and the favourable comparisons with Lovecraft as well. If you’ve read SOFT FROM ALL THE BLOOD, won’t you take a moment to write a review?

There’s lots more quality new fiction releases coming from Martian Migraine Press in the next few months! Keep checking back here for updates and of course you can also follow us on the Twitter @MartianMigraine … we promise that we are not too spammy. If we’re going to induce headaches, it won’t be that way. We’d rather induce the right kind of headaches. The best kind…

The Martian kind.