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Anthropocalypse Now Free Promo


To celebrate the recent release of the e-chapbook edition of 2 Dope Boys In A Cadillac’s ANTHROPOCALYPSE NOW and the 3rd Annual Victoria Spoken Word Festival (in which Dope Boy Johnny MacRae is Poet of Honour, and Dope Boy shayne avec i grec is part of the ensemble cast), Martian Migraine Press is pleased to offer said e-chapbook as a FREE DOWNLOAD for whatever e-reader type machine you might currently be fondling, publicly or privately! We don’t judge!

This promo will run from midnight of Wednesday February 27 through to midnight Friday March 1, so get em soon. Y’know, while the electrons are super-fresh!

If you’re a Kindle user (either the device itself, or one of the many Kindle apps available for, oh, pretty much every phone, tablet, and PC out there) then scoot your digital butt over to the ANTHROPOCALYPSE NOW Amazon page for a shockingly instantaneous download.

If you’re a Kobo or Nook or Sony eReader type entity, then click right HERE for a nifty EPUB file.

If you consume your media via a PC, then the PDF file for you is right HERE.

ANTHROPOCALYPSE NOW! Like their manifesto says:

Anthropocalypse Now! Real Soon.


Martian Migraine Press is excited to announce the imminent release of our latest poetry e-chapbook, the truly epic Anthropocalypse Now! by Canadian spoken word super-team, 2 Dope Boys In A Cadillac!

shayne avec i grec and Johnny MacRae are touring, waterbowling, poetry machines! Machines with heart. Lots of heart. If you’ve yet to see their psychedelic talk-opera in person, Anthropocalypse Now! will certainly get you in the mood to do so. We’re just finishing up some final formatting on the e-chapbook and will announce it’s official release soon. Soon-ish. As with all MMP titles, it will be available as a .mobi file for your Kindle from the Amazon store, as well as EPUB and PDF formats both in our Bookstore and on the 2 Dope Boys website. More details as they arrive, but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at the cover, illustrated (using his HANDS, no less) by Gareth Kyle Gaudin of Perogy Cat fame

cover illustration by Gareth Kyle Gaudin


January NEWSCLUSTER: Orgy In The Valley Of The Lust Larvae and Other Updates


A few updates…

  • All our Author Pages, Book Pages and of course, the Bookstore itself, have been updated. We had some broken links, apparently, but now all is repaired. Our Erotica pages were becoming rather unwieldy, actually, and we’re happy to have those nicely trimmed down now!
  • Justine G’s gonzo sci-fi erotica novella ORGY IN THE VALLEY OF THE LUST LARVAE is now available for purchase in our Bookstore, on its own page, and of course for your Kindle via Amazon. Straight up? We realize that Justine’s predilection for “artsy” titles to her books, sans the usual smutty keywords, have probably not helped her sales over the past couple of months, so we’re keen to see what a title with two pretty obvious keywords does for that. As always, we are quite happy to see reviews thrown on the Amazon page for ORGY…: every little bit helps, so, if you’ve bought and read and enjoyed / suffered a reaction to it, please let others know!
  • The 1 Year Anniversary of our weird little press is coming up! We published our first title, S R JonesSoft From All The Blood, in March of last year. So, to celebrate, we’re putting together the Martian Migraine Press Year One Sampler, which will be absolutely free to download! Featuring previously published and new work by all our authors and plenty of bonus material!
  • We’re currently sitting down with Canadian spoken word dynamos 2 Dope Boys In A Cadillac re: releasing the electronic edition of their amazing Anthropocalypse Now chapbook. More details to come, but as of this moment, this moment right now, we are v. excited about this!

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