Keepin’ It R’lyeh with a Festive-type Cover Reveal!


It was the Yuletide, that men call Christmas though they know in their hearts it is older than Bethlehem and Babylon, older than Memphis and mankind. It was the Yuletide, and I had come at last to the ancient sea town where my people had dwelt and kept festival in the elder time when festival was forbidden; where also they had commanded their sons to keep festival once every century, that the memory of primal secrets might not be forgotten…”
H P Lovecraft, The Festival

Best of the season to you, Migraineers! As the planet tilts toward Solstice, and our sobriety slides south towards more inebriated climes, our hearts and thoughts turn towards matters spiritual, if we’ve that particular bent in our psyches. And we trust that most if not all Migraineers are, indeed, so bent. So bent! To that end, may we present, fresh from the molten graphics forge of the MMP DesignDroid5000, the cover to Scott R Jones’ When The Stars Are Right: Towards An Authentic R’lyehian Spirituality

Sparkly enough? Gosh, we sure think so. Now, originally we here at MMP HQ were hoping to have When The Stars Are Right available for sale in time for Christmas. Certainly we said as much when we announced the ToC, but due to our overwhelming desire to make this, our first print book, a quality textual interface artifact, we have pushed the release date back to March 2014, with two book launch events in the last week of March, one in Victoria BC on Monday the 24th at a yet-to-be-decided venue, and the other in Vancouver BC on Thursday the 27th at the infamous Storm Crow Tavern.

Which is all to say that, though the physical edition of the book is not yet in existence, the electronic edition IS, and ready for Advance Review Readers. So, if this is the sort of tome that floats your White Ship (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) and you would like to review When The Stars Are Right for your blog, magazine, or podcast, then please contact us at and request a copy. Sharing this post to your facebook, twitter, and other social media pages is also encouraged. We collectively throb with anticipation over here.

Thanks for keepin’ it R’lyeh, Migraineers. Expect more updates over the holidays: free book promos, discounts on some of our most popular titles, a new Lust Larvae book from Justine G, and news about our next (and possibly greatest!) anthology yet… Conqueror Womb!

Martian Migraine Press: the Best Kind of Headache

“floats your White Ship”? Clearly, we’ve been into the nog already.

A clarification on Conqueror Womb submissions


Hello weird-fictioneers. Justine here. I’m editing this erotic-horror anthology for Martian Migraine Press and I’m happy to report that the slush pile is starting to grow. We’ve already purchased one obvious stand-out tale and are beginning to review others.

What I’m not happy to report is this: we are seeing stories (mercifully short ones, but still) that feature sexual contact and abuse of underage individuals. And we are so not interested in reading this stuff, let alone putting it into print, electronic or otherwise. It really does go without saying: consider me displeased that I have to say it. I mean, wow. Come on, people. Do not make me get out the big editrix stick. So, just to be stone-cold absolutely clear on this issue, here I am laying it out in bold and centering it on the page and everything…

N O   K I D S

And while I am on the subject of things I would rather not see, please ensure that there is at least some reference to the theme of the anthology in your submission! Shub-Niggurath, fertility, fecundity: all that primeval Great Old Ones jazz. Not so much with the sexy vampires, so please leave them in their coffins where, IMHO, they belong.

You can find all the details for submitting your weird-erotica story to THE CONQUEROR WOMB: Lusty Tales of Shub-Niggurath on the Martian Migraine Press SUBMISSIONS page. Thank you!

Justine xox

A Thoroughly Gnostic Foreweird, Shubby Subs, and Lovecraftian Science


We’ve received the Foreword (or Foreweird, as he appropriately titles it) by Jordan Stratford (author of Mechanicals, Living Gnosticism: An Ancient Way of Knowing, and A Dictionary of Western Alchemy) for Scott R JonesWhen The Stars Are Right: Towards An Authentic R’lyehian Spirituality and we gotta tell ya, Migraineers, it is some erudite stuff and no mistake! Stratford describes the work as an exercise in “cryptarchaeoxenotheology”, even. Grok the following excerpt…

“… the Madness of Cthulhu is not clinical dysfunction or psychosis, but a hermeneutic suspension of the pedestrian, rational mind that is required to successfully navigate the waking world. In its place is the supra-rational, the information that comes without the need for communication, egoic disassociation, the disintermediated experience of experience. What Jones refers to here as the Black Gnosis.

If I were to tell you I actually saw a beautifully strange city emerge from the sea, and in its seeing that I gained deep insight into my own psyche, you would have reasonable grounds to demand physical evidence or else have me institutionalized. Yet if I told you I dreamt this, and because of this dream I gained these same insights, you would no doubt nod and take another sip of your coffee. In our Nietzschean age of mechanistic meaninglessness, flensed horses and droning Dawkinistas, where the machine has been scrubbed clean of any ghosts; dreams, apparently, are granted a certain pass.

You can take your head apart with this book if you like, but you will never get it back together again. Unlike the sophomoric tattoo-parlour-flash of Carroll, the lunatic-trickster Bertiaux, or the almost-brilliant Grant – not to mention the gaptoothed carny antics of LaVey, whose Aynrandian quotes are eagerly nodded along-to by Creationist tea-partiers – Jones is not so easy to dismiss.”

We agree. He really isn’t. When The Stars Are Right (with illustrations by Michael Lee Macdonald) is coming soon in paperback and ebook formats and will be available for pre-order. Keep watching this space or follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates.

THE CONQUEROR WOMB Submissions Rolling In…

Submissions for our second annual MMP anthology are beginning to show in our inbox and so far the range of pieces is interesting indeed! For more info on how you can submit your Shub-Niggurath themed weird-smut, please consult our SUBMISSIONS page.

She Blinded Me with Eldritch Science!

We’d like to take a second to give a shout-out to Fred Lubnow, who writes the very smart and interesting Lovecraftian Science blog. Curious about the sexual reproduction of Elder Things? Ever wondered how shoggoths get it on? Fred’s got everything you ever wanted to know about the squamous biology of the Great Old Ones but were (reasonably!) afraid to ask!

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