ToC Announced for RESONATOR: New Lovecraftian Tales From Beyond


We won’t sugarcoat it, Migraineers… the selection process for our annual anthology this year was a grueling one. Our eyeballs bled some, our pineal glands require some form of etheric massage (so if you’ve got a line on that, or you know a guy, give us a call, please!) and we are this close to never wanting to read another manuscript again! But, the slush pile, which once held just under 150 stories, has been plumbed, sifted, agonized over, and finally reduced to the 17 stories (including that one by Mr Lovecraft, because it would be weird not to include the story that inspired the anthology, right? Right) which will appear in RESONATOR: New Lovecraftian Tales From Beyond! And, as an early Christmas present, here, in alphabetical order (because we haven’t yet worked out the kinks in the story order yet) are the fine authors (some new, some old, all preternaturally cool) who will be appearing in the book (due in paperback and ebook formats in March 2015)…

Machine Will Start When You Are Start — Matthew M. Bartlett
IPO — Darrin Brightman
Bug Zapper — Richard Lee Byers
Infernal Attractors — Cody Goodfellow
Programmed To Receive — Orrin Grey
Parasitosis — Lyndsey Holder
Turbulence — Scott R Jones
Deresonator — Leeman Kessler
From Beyond — H P Lovecraft
Resonator Superstar! — Anya Martin
Ninesight — Christine Morgan
The Happiness Machine — Edward Morris
The Wizard of OK — Scott Nicolay
Professor Hilliard’s Electric Lantern — Robert J. Santa
The Divide — Damir Salkovic
Film Maudit — Christopher Slatsky
Satori — Rodney Turner

With stunning psychedelic cover artwork by the inestimable Nick Gucker, RESONATOR: New Lovecraftian Tales From Beyond will be a book you’ll want to place face-out on your shelves! Watch this space for more details and make sure to also follow Martian Migraine Press on Facebook and Twitter @MartianMigraine as we inch ever closer to that terrible moment when we throw the industrial-grade knife-switch on this puppy!

Martian Migraine Press: the Best Kind of Headache!

A Cover Tease from Nick the Hat!


Are we excited to be working with celebrated weird artist Nick “The Hat” Gucker on the cover for RESONATOR: New Lovecraftian Tales From Beyond? You know it! The man’s a latter day Lee Brown Coye and his wildly energetic renderings of monstrous creeping psychedelia are just the ticket for our upcoming anthology of trans-dimensional horror! And so, a quick tease from Nick … a handful of clips from his preparatory sketches. Slivers, really, but we hope they whet your appetite for more!

Submissions close for RESONATOR in four days, and then the difficult work of making our final editorial selections begins. There’s only a few spots left to fill of the 15 stories that will make up this anthology, so the cage-fighting in the Maybe folder will be fierce! Ah, who are we kidding? It’s already fierce! But the results will be worth it. Follow us on Twitter @MartianMigraine to stay up-to-date on this exciting new project!

Keeping It R’lyeh IN STYLE


Greetings, Migraineers! Say, have you read Scott R JonesWhen The Stars Are Right: Towards An Authentic R’lyehian Spirituality ? You have? FanTAStic. And did you, upon completing the book, think “Gosh! It sure would be swell to somehow exteriorize this feeling of #KeepingItRlyeh in such a way that others might notice my enlightened status as a #Cthulhusattva? If only the #BlackGnosis could be rendered in clothing form somehow, I would surely wear such an article upon my person!”

Well, we here at MMP can assure you that this Keeping It R’lyeh T-Shirt is not that piece of clothing. Fools! The #BlackGnosis cannot be reduced to mere breathable 100% cotton fibres impregnated with the highest quality screenprinting inks by the fine weirdos of Skurvy Ink and featuring the stellar artwork of Michael Lee Macdonald!

But it is pretty cool. That we’ll admit.

Wanna order one? Two? Nine? (They’re only $16.99USD+shipping, and Christmas is coming, after all.) Iä, iä, you do! Then click on the pic to be whisked away to the Skurvy Ink site! CONSUME!

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