Migraineers, we released Scott R JonesWhen The Stars Are Right: Towards An Authentic R’lyehian Spirituality exactly one month ago. Print and electronic editions. Now, the ebook version, well… there’s an unlimited supply of those, obviously. Photons and code, basically. Same stuff of which the Universe is built: common as muck. But the print editions, constructed of precious inks and the rendered flesh of forest titans? Ah, rare materials indeed. The first print run came to 100 books, a number which we were told was pretty reasonable for a micro-press. A number which (IN OUR NAIVETE) we thought we’d have months and months of casual selling to do before we saw the bottom of the boxes they came in…

That's a box of 50, right there. Small, innit?

Long story short: one month after the release date, When The Stars Are Right is sold out of the print edition. Or almost. We’ve got only 15 copies left here at MMP HQ. Here’s the breakdown of how these weird little tomes flew from our hands…

10 copies to contributors, the good folk who wrote advance reviews and blurbs, and Friends of the Show
11 copies in the pre-sale
25 copies regular orders (to Canada, the US, the UK, various spots in Europe)
37 copies at the three nights of book launches in BC (Victoria, Vancouver, and Salt Spring Island)
2 copies to the National Library of Canada for obligatory cataloging purposes

We had to break into Box #2 after the first launch party. YES.

Rest assured, there will be another print run before the end of the summer, but, if you want to snap up your copy from what’s left now, the ordering info can still be found over HERE, with links to purchase WTSAR in ebook formats as well. And as far as those go, sales have been brisk there as well: WTSAR has hit in the Top 10 in the Philosophy & Metaphysics categories a couple of times already in Canada and Spain (of all places) and enjoys a Hot New Release status in Canada, still. We’re also looking into implementing POD (that’s Print On Demand) options for the book (indeed, for a good portion of the MMP catalogue) so that physical copies will never be out of stock. We’d rather not get caught short again, frankly. We’re happy to be caught short, sure. But only this one time.

And since we haven’t mentioned it yet… thanks for Keeping It R’lyeh, Migraineers! We’re very pleased with the reception When The Stars Are Right has received so far. You’re all fhtagn in our books.

More updates to come in the next week: WTSAR review round-up, news on Justine G’s Blackstone series AND the second installment in the Lust Larvae books, and a possible new magazine project that’s going to straighten your curlies if we can get our act together enough to make it happen! Stay tuned…