NECRONOMICUM #3 is due to drop in a few short days! And to celebrate its imminent arrival, we’re revealing the exclusive Garry Mac cover for the magazine, here, today. You’ll note that there are two versions here, a censored and uncensored one. Couple of reasons for this, obviously: we’ve run into trouble with the Amazon Smut Police before, when they took offense at the Thousand Boobs (OK, OK, nine. Nine boobs) of Shub-Niggurath… but we just can’t stop with the transgressive imagery! It wouldn’t be fair to the contents of your typical issue of NECRONOMICUM. So, for Amazon, a toned-down and washed over graphic of this enterprising sorcerer and his wand work: this version will be the cover of the Kindle edition. The uncensored version will be inside the book proper. We’ll cross our fingers, we’ll cross our wands, hell, we’ll cross whatever we need to, in hopes that this one will get by the barriers and somehow not be relegated to the obscure electronic realms deep within the Byzantine networks within Amazon, where most of the good erotica ends up. We’ll see! In the meantime, a little something for the girls, and the boys who like boys! Enjoy!